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Government Recognition for Edujam

Government Recognition for Edujam

Rachel Lawrence - 13th September 2007

Edujam is the first community interest company, cic, to be accepted onto a high growth program providing specialist support and expertise, funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.

“We are delighted to be the first ever cic accepted onto this program," said Andy Preston, Edujam's Director.
"This is great news for our school communities. There is a strong desire in parents, head teachers and educators to give children more self worth, confidence and a means to learn for themselves. As well as an appreciation of their talents beyond the specific standards needed for academic success in Maths, Science and English."

The educational benefits of empowering children as creative producers are loud and clear and the technologies are already very familiar to children.

"We are very excited that the government has recognised that the combination of edujam’s social enterprise status and the high growth support programme, will offer real benefits for schools across the UK", said Andy.

Thousands of primary school children could be producing and publishing their own creative masterpieces, in a secure educational environment with edujam.

The package of specialist expertise will support edujam cic to achieve its goals over a three year period. As with all cics any surplus funds are channelled back, to benefit the school communities edujam serves.

Edujam cic provides creative learning solutions to primary schools, which include:

· Affordable, digital media capture technologies,
· A secure, web based, creative school community for pupils and parents
· On-site creative community kick-start services.

For further press information or paper versions of this release please contact us.

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