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The Little Book of Scribes!

The Little Book of Scribes!

Rachel Lawrence - 1st November 2007

Pupils who are part of the Edujam community of schools have the opportunity to take part in an exciting new initiative that links online creativity with the time honoured art of book publishing.

They are joined by the esteemed author Michaela Morgan, who will judge the pupils’ work in an online competition to celebrate primary schools’ literacy achievements.

The top group of pupils will have their work published in a real book, which will be awarded to them to treasure for years to come.

Literacy is proving to be the most popular artform on edujam for both boys and girls. “We wanted to build on the real sense of pride that children are showing in their Jam Studios and in the fantastic work they are publishing there”, said Edujam’s director Rachel Lawrence,

“Edujam’s philosophy is to take the best, innovative, preferably open source technologies and apply them to switch children on to learning. It’s about purposeful use of ICT to encourage creativity and activity based learning, not just technology for technologies sake. By showing children how the art of literacy can transfer from an exciting, online environment to the lasting, authoritative medium of a book, you enable pupils to understand the importance of each medium and the role that each has in their lives.”

The Little Book of Scribes will be on display at Edujam’s BETT stand V16 in the National Gallery.

For more information about Edujam and the Little Book of Scribes Competition, contact Rachel Lawrence or Andy Preston at Edujam Cic on 0845 0944801

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