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Schools Receive their Little Book of Scribes

Schools Receive their Little Book of Scribes

Edujam - 5th February 2008

Schools across the UK took delivery of their very own Little Book of Scribes this month; a compilation book of pupils' literacy work that they had published on Edujam.
Read what Michaela Morgan, the esteemed childrens author had to say about the pupils wonderful work in the full article.

"As a children’s author I often visit schools to talk to children, their parents and their teachers. In these visits I pick up a very strong sense of concern.
‘Children are becoming less keen on writing, less eager to read,’ I am told.
‘What can be done?’ I am asked.
‘What approach do I recommend to help children become skilled writers?’

Well, I absolutely do not believe there is one magic approach. There can be no single method that will capture children as readers and help them develop into writers. Different approaches work for different children at different times – but some ‘methods’ have stood the test of time and what are they?
They are simply encouragement, reward – and practise.
We know that practise is key to mastering any task or activity. Whether it be football, cooking, writing – those who become talented do so by practising, practising… and then practising some more. But ENJOYMENT is key. Who would ever want to practise something they didn’t enjoy? Self-belief is important too- you have to believe that you could become good. even if you make mistakes and experience difficulties on the way.
Stumbling over obstacles, passing or failing tests, achieving targets, may be methods of recording progress but they do not add to most children’s enjoyment or enthusiasm. A key to successful writing is having fun, having a go, playing with words – being allowed to write!
That is precisely what this publication is offering. It motivates and encourages children to write. It rewards their efforts. And it offers the children that all important vision of themselves as real writers.
This is an opportunity and a publication to be treasured. I applaud the organisers of this project and the children, whose writing is included. Congratulations to them – and to their parents and teachers."
Michaela Morgan

To find out more about the Little Book of Scribes, please contact Edujam on 0845 0944801.

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